Restocking a book simply means that you can use that restock book to replace a sold book. To make a restocking book, you will need to have that book pulled up in your inventory, scroll down to the blue box on the right-hand side and select the box Restocking. Don't forget to also have Include in box checked, otherwise this will not appear at the fair. Hit save. These steps are the same if you are adding a book to the fair for the first time.

To restock a book from your booth, see edit in the gray box under the book. Please note that is only visible to you, the Admin. Click edit. Then you will be brought to your book's listing. Uncheck the box Restocking and hit save. Now, you can preview that in your booth and see that it is available for purchase. You may notice the banner that says Newly Added, that will be removed before the fair starts if you just restocked that book.

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