Why is there limited availability and quantity of items on Biblio?

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep, 2023 at 2:43 PM

Can't Find Your Book?

BIBLIO is a marketplace for thousands of booksellers, many of whom list used, rare, and out of print books. Those hard-to-find books can often sell very quickly, especially if there is a run on a particular title or author. 

Therefore, when you find a book you wish to purchase, buy it as soon as you can! Although items can remain in your cart for as long as they are available, it's not uncommon for a book to be shown as available on our site, only to be sold moments later.

If you need more than one copy of a particular book, visit our "Advanced Search" page and enter the title and author, or ISBN. Scroll down and enter your desired quantity in "minimum books on hand." This will limit your search results to sellers who have at least the amount you are seeking.

You could also purchase single copies from multiple sellers, although this will also usually come with a higher shipping costs.