Finding the Right Textbook

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ISBN: The Right Textbook -- Guaranteed

If you want to be sure you're getting the right textbook, search by the ISBN. The ISBN is the 10 or 13-digit number on the barcode of each book, and you can usually get the ISBN from your professor or school. If you have the ISBN, just plug that into the search box, and you can feel confident that the search results will return the exact edition you need for class.

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Does BIBLIO Rent Textbooks?

Nope! The book is yours to keep, donate, or sell.

What's an 'International Edition'?

An international edition textbook has been published at a lower production cost for sale in foreign markets. Distributors overseas then re-sell the titles to customers in other parts of the world at a much lower price. 

TIP: International edition textbooks save students an average of 50% over the prices offered at their college bookstores.

Contrary to what their name might imply, international editions are published in English, and they are absolutely legal to purchase and use.

What if I Bought the Wrong Book or Cancelled the Class?

If you need to return a textbook, just give us a shout and we'll take care of it!

Help! I Need to Return a Book