Biblio seller-to-seller discounted sales are commission-free!

You can increase Biblio sales while lowering costs when you offer a trade discount to fellow Biblio sellers. As long as you are offering a minimum 10% discount and maintain an average book count of 150 books or more for sale*, all of the orders you receive from Biblio booksellers are commission-free!

Any time you are logged into your BiblioDirect bookseller menu you will see any trade discount offered by booksellers reflected in book prices, including your own. Customers who are not also Biblio sellers do not view your prices with a trade discount applied, because they would not be logged into a BiblioDirect bookseller account.

To make changes to the trade discount you offer other Biblio dealers, log in to your BiblioDirect bookseller menu and click on Promotions, then Member Discounts. You'll be able to change the percentage discount you offer. Don't forget to click Update to make that change effective.


*Your average inventory count is calculated by the number of books you have had for sale on Biblio in the previous 7 days. Placing your account on vacation or your account having been temporarily suspended does not affect that average book count.