Managing your listings using your BiblioDirect bookseller menu

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This page discusses managing your listing data using your BiblioDirect Seller Tools. You can also manage your active listings using customer-facing search tools. Read this article for details about searching for and viewing your active listings as customers do.


At the top of your menu, you'll see a box that says "Search by SKU/Book ID", with a magnifying glass icon next to it.*  Type or paste your Inventory # / SKU into that box and then click on the magnifying glass to go straight to the listing page. Please note, you will need your inventory number to search for inactive listings. You can locate active listings in a number of other ways.


Click on the Inventory tab at the top left of the page and select Show Inventory from the drop-down menu. You'll be able to search by title, author, keywords, and more. Click on Advanced (right-hand side of the page) to see more search fields. Note that the left side of the page has a Search Within field so that you can search within your lists of results. There are also quick links there for Recently Listed and Rare Book Rooms.


To remove, check the bubble next to Sold / Inactive and click Save. Read this article to see more options for deleting listings from active inventory.

To edit, simply make your changes to the listing information and then click Save.


To add a new listing manually, click on the Inventory tab located on the top left side of your menu. Click on Add a Listing and you'll be directed to a product listing page where you may fill in the details of the book you are adding.


Please note that the five minimum fields required for a listing to be active in search results are:

Your inventory number (also sometimes referred to as a "Book ID" or "SKU"), Title, Author, Price, Description.

Additional book information is certainly useful, so please include binding, edition, book condition, etc., as well as any other applicable details. Adding at least one photo is also strongly encouraged.  Please also be sure to check the For Sale / Active bubble, if you are ready for that book to go online. Click the Save button to ensure that your changes/additions are saved.

Do include an ISBN wherever possible. About half of customers search by ISBN. We also offer ISBN auto-fill and overwrite on any items for which we have ISBN-based book data. Type or paste the ISBN into that field and click on the bar code icon next to that box. A separate window containing title, author, and other book data will come up. Click save to overwrite (auto-fill) if the data that comes up is appropriate to the book you are listing, and you want to auto-fill those fields or overwrite information you have already entered. Click close to cancel if that data is not appropriate, or you don't want to overwrite any details you've already entered.

To do a price comparison, you may want to try out our metasearch site. Click on BookGilt and a window will come up showing prices for that same ISBN across marketplaces.


You'll see the option to add an Online Catalog to your listing. Online Catalogs are catalogs you create. They appear on your Biblio online store page. If you have created catalogs that are appropriate for this listing, click on the green plus sign next to Online Catalogs, just below the Illustrator field. You'll see a list of the catalogs you've created. You can add multiple catalogs to an individual listing. When you click to choose a catalog, you'll also see the option to add a new catalog.


In addition to the Product tab, you'll see a tab called Rare Book Room and Featured Listings. This is where you'll click to add the item to your Featured Books and Rare Book Rooms.


Adding photos of your listings is the best way to increase interest in them. More and more, customers expect to see exactly what they are buying before they place an order. Using the new version of our bookseller menu you can easily add and remove images right there on the product listing page. There is a Photos section where you can drag and drop your image files. You can also double-click on the empty image space and that will bring up a separate window into your computer files. Find the image file you want and select or open it to upload. You will also see the option to remove images by clicking the red and white X on the corner of the image.

We have also added a new feature that allows you to drag and drop many image files at once. When you are using the new version of our bookseller menu, you will see the link in your Upload tools.  Click on the Inventory tab and choose Upload Listings from the menu.  On the Upload a file page, to the right, you will see "You can bulk upload photos via FTP or via your web browser using drag and drop". Click to the Drag & Drop page.

You can even upload your photos in bulk!


You will not see newly added listings active in search immediately. Usually, it takes just 20 or 30 minutes for listings to be added to the search index, but sometimes it can take a bit longer. Before those listings are available in live searches, they are inactive and you will only be able to search for them using your Inventory # / SKU.

Note also that items that are sold may still be in our database, but you will only be able to search for them using your Inventory # / SKU. If the order was placed through Biblio, the listing will be made inactive (marked as sold) automatically. In the order details, under "SKU", you will see a link to your listing as it appeared to the customer online. If the book was ordered on another site, please be sure to mark the listing as sold on Biblio.

Please drop us an email at if you have any questions about using the new tools and we'll be happy to help!

*You can also enter an order number into that same search box to go directly to the details of an order you received. Enter either the complete order number (1005-0000000-0000000) or just the last seven digits. You can also read further for more details about finding and managing your orders.

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