Uploading a file to Biblio.com from BookTrakker is very simple, and only requires an FTP account and a one-time setup in BookTrakker.

If you have not already received your FTP account information from Biblio, please first e-mail bookseller-support@biblio.com to get your FTP account set up.

Once you have an FTP account, or if you already have one set up, simply follow these brief instructions to get BookTrakker configured to upload to Biblio.com:

1) From the main screen, click on the Online button located on the top menu. A screen similar to the following will appear.

2) Once you see this screen, click on "New Service", located near the bottom of the screen. A window similar to the following will appear.

3) If you are using a recent version of BookTrakker, Biblio will be already listed as an option next to "Select or Type in New Service". If so, select it, and press "Next >>". Otherwise, next to "Select or Type in New Service", type in "Biblio", then type "ftp.biblio.com" in the fields provided for Host Address. Press "Next >>".

4) In the next screen, enter the FTP username issued by Biblio next to the Account Name, and the FTP password next to Account Password. Account Path should be left with a single forward-slash (/). Press the "Test" button to test the connection. If the test returns anything other than success, doublecheck your FTP username and password as typed (remember, these values are case-sensitive). Once you receive a successful test, press "Next>>".

6) You will now be returned to the Online screen, and Biblio.com will now appear as an option in the list of sites. Make sure the checkbox in the "Active" column next to Biblio.com is checked.

7) That's it. BookTrakker is now configured to upload to Biblio. If you run into any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to contact bookseller-support@biblio.com