Managing your listings using your BiblioDirect bookseller menu

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 03:06 PM

Here are some tips for managing your listing data using BiblioDirect Seller Tools:

  1. Inventory Number Search: Use the "Search by SKU/Book ID" box at the top of the menu to quickly find a listing by entering the inventory number. This is particularly useful for inactive listings.

  2. Find Active Listings: Click on the "Inventory" tab and select "Show Inventory" to access search options. You can search by title, author, keywords, and more. Click on "Advanced" for additional search fields. The left side of the page provides a "Search Within" field for refining your search.

  3. Edit or Remove Listings: To remove a listing from active inventory, check the "Sold/Inactive" bubble and click "Save." For editing, make the necessary changes to the listing information and click "Save."

  4. Adding a New Listing: Click on the "Inventory" tab, then select "Add a Listing" to manually add a new listing. Fill in the details of the book on the product listing page and hit "Save".

  5. Required Fields: Ensure that your listing has at least the following five fields for it to be active in search results: inventory number (also sometimes referred to as a "Book ID" or "SKU"), title, author, price, and description. Including additional book information and at least one photo is strongly encouraged.

  6. ISBN Auto-Fill: Enter the ISBN if available to benefit from ISBN-based book data. Clicking on the barcode icon next to the ISBN field will bring up book data, which can be used to autofill or overwrite existing information.

  7. Online Catalogs: You can add an Online Catalog to your listing, which appears on your BIBLIO online store page. Click the green plus sign next to "Online Catalogs" to choose from existing catalogs or create a new one.

  8. Rare Book Room and Featured Listings: Use the "Rare Book Room" and "Featured Listings" tabs to add the item to your featured books and rare book rooms.

  9. Adding Photos: Adding photos to your listings increases customer interest. On the product listing page, use the "Photos" section to drag and drop image files or double-click to select from your computer. You can also remove images by clicking the red and white "X" on the corner.

  10. Bulk Photo Upload: The bookseller menu allows you to drag and drop multiple image files at once. Access this feature through the "Upload Listings" option under the "Inventory" tab. 

    You can even upload your photos in bulk!

  11. Time for Listings to Appear: Newly added listings may take around 20 to 30 minutes to be added to the search index. During this time, they are inactive and can only be searched using the inventory number. Sold items should be marked as sold on BIBLIO to prevent further searches.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the tools, feel free to contact us at

*Note: The search box can also be used to find order details by entering an order number.

 You can also manage your active listings using customer-facing search tools. 

Read this article for details about searching for and viewing your active listings as customers do.