Adjusting Order Charges the Easy Way

Modified on Wed, 22 May at 5:06 PM

We know you want to make sure everything is just right for your customers. Sometimes, you might need to tweak the charges for an order, and we're here to guide you through it in a friendly and straightforward way.

When You Can't Adjust Charges:

If your order is part of the Asendia Consolidated International Shipping Program or a DHL expedited shipment, the option to "Adjust Charges" won't be there. Unless, of course, you've opted for this specific order out of the program. Keep in mind that orders that weigh more than 4 lbs, have multiple volumes, or can't be shipped in one package should be opted out.

When You Can Adjust Charges:

Now, if your order isn't part of Asendia or DHL, or if you've opted out, you'll see a button in the order details labeled "Adjust charges." You can find this button on the right side of the page, just below the "Reject" button.

Why You Might Need to Adjust Charges:

There are a few good reasons to consider a charge adjustment:

  • The order has a book or books that are too large or heavy to ship at the default rate charged.

  • The actual postage needed is less than the default rate, and you want to pass on the savings to your customer.

  • You need to collect sales tax for orders shipping within your state.*

Please note that this action must be done before you mark the item as shipped. Once the order status changes, you won't see the option to request a charge adjustment.

Making the Adjustment:

Click on "Adjust charges" and choose whether you want to increase or decrease the charges. Provide a brief explanation for the adjustment, and then click "Confirm."

Customer Approval:

It's important to know that any additional charges must be approved by the customer. An automated email requesting confirmation will be sent to the customer, as well as an emailed invoice through Stripe, our partner for credit card payment processing. Both messages will contain a link the customer can use to send the additional funds. The customer will be able to use a different payment method if they wish for the additional charge. We'll notify you when those charges are accepted and processed. Customers have ten days to respond. Reductions, however, take effect immediately, and you can proceed to ship the order.

What Happens Next:

If the customer accepts the charges: You'll see the postage total on the order updated, but the order status will stay as "Payment Pending" until the additional charges are processed. Charges are not collected automatically; they need to be charged to the customer's credit card or sent via PayPal. Once the extra funds are collected, the order status will change to "Shipped," and you'll receive an email confirmation. It's wise to wait for that confirmation before shipping.

If the customer doesn't respond or rejects the request: The order will be canceled. In cases where the customer hasn't responded in ten days, the order will also be canceled. Don't worry; it won't impact your fulfillment rate, and your listing will be back in your active records.

Stay Connected:

Remember, customers might miss automated messages like charge adjustment requests in their email. You can contact them directly using the email address in the order details. If needed, reach out to us at, and we can resend the charge adjustment email to the customer.

Got Questions? We're Here to Help:

If you have any questions or run into any hiccups while adjusting charges, don't hesitate to drop us a line at Be sure to include the order number to help us assist you faster.

Important Note: 

Most US states require Biblio to handle sales tax calculations and collections for you. You won't need to request additional funds to cover sales tax in those cases. We've got it covered. Check here for more info.