Adjust Postage Charges

Modified on Tue, 23 May 2023 at 10:50 AM

If the order is part of the Asendia Consolidated International Shipping Program or DHL shipment, you won't see the option to Adjust Charges unless you've opted that particular order out of the program. Orders that weigh more than 4 lbs, include multiple volumes, or can't be shipped in a single package should be opted out.

If the order is not part of the Asendia, DHL program, or you've opted it out, you will see a button in the order details labeled Adjust charges. You'll find that button on the right side of the page, beneath the Reject button.

There are a few reasons you may want to issue a charge adjustment:

  • The order includes a book or set of books that are too large or heavy to ship at the default rate charged.
  • The actual postage needed is less than the default rate charged, and you want to reduce the amount charged for postage.
  • You need to collect sales tax on orders shipping within your own state.*

Please note that you must perform this action before marking an item as shipped. Once the order status has changed, you'll no longer see the option to request a charge adjustment.

The Adjust Charges option does not apply to the book price. If the adjustment you need to make is a reduction in book price, please go ahead and mark the order as Shipped and then issue a refund. For more details about issuing refunds, click here.

Click on Adjust charges and select the adjustment type (Increase/Decrease). Include any relevant details about the reason for adjustment, and then click Confirm.

Please note that all requests for additional charges must be approved by the customer. An automated e-mail requesting confirmation will be sent to the customer, and we will notify you when those charges are accepted and processed. The customer has ten days to respond. Reductions take effect immediately, and you may proceed to ship the order.

Then what happens?

If the customer accepts the charges... If the customer clicks to accept the adjustment, you will see the postage total on the order updated, however, the order status will remain Payment Pending until the additional charges have actually been processed.  Charges are not collected automatically when the customer clicks the button to accept. They need to be charged to the customer's credit card, or sent via PayPal, depending on which payment method the customer originally used. Once the additional funds are collected, you will see the order status change to Shipped, and you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that the order can be shipped. It's always a good idea to wait until you receive that confirmation email before shipping the order. If you see that the order status is still Pending, please do not ship without confirmation that the additional charge has been processed. 

If the customer does not respond to or rejects the request... If the customer rejects the request, the order will be canceled. If the customer has not responded to the request in ten days, the order will be canceled. When orders are canceled in this way, the listing is automatically returned to your active records, the charges are voided/refunded, and there's no impact on your fulfillment rate.

You can always contact customers via separate email with a reminder if you like, using the customer email address included in the order details. Occasionally, our automated messages (such as charge adjustment requests) are filtered as junk mail by customers' email providers, so it may simply be that the request has not reached the customer's inbox. You can also contact us at with a request to re-send that charge adjustment email to the customer. 

If you have any questions or difficulty adjusting charges, please email directly. Please be sure to include the order number, to expedite our reply.

*Recent tax law changes in some states require that Biblio calculate, collect and remit sales tax to those states. You do not need to request additional funds to cover sales tax to your customers in those states. Biblio will be doing that for you. Please click here for more details.

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